In 2019 and 2020, the communities came together to create a collective vision of "Payahtakenemowin" (peace of mind) for the Shibogama Communities..

Collective Vision Statement:
"We are strong, healthy people who respect and support all creation according to the teachings of our Elders."

Our Shared Values, Principles and Codes of Behaviour That Guide Us:

"Payahtakenemowin" is the word that the communities gave to the Shibogama First Nations Council's original crisis and mental health program. Since that time the Payahtakenemowin Wellness Program has grown to a mental wellness program for the Shibogama communities that includes in-community services, a youth mental wellness program in Sioux Lookout and the crisis response program.

The Three Teams of the PAYAHTAKENEMOWIN PROGRAM are:

Payahtakenemowin Staff

Colleen Berry

Youth Well-Being Team Lead Send message

Stephanie Kitchkeesick

Youth Mental Wellness CounsellorSend message

Nathan Mishibinijima

Land Based Program LeadSend message

Eric Anderson

Land Base Program CoordinatorSend message

Jeff Bursery

Land Based Programming FacilitatorSend message

Daniel Trenholm

Youth Outreach WorkerSend message

Brenda Dovick

Mental Wellness ConsultantSend message

Alice Sabourin

Mental Wellness CounsellorSend message

Jocelyn Berard-Anderson

Mental Wellness CounsellorSend message

Liz Beardy

Mental Wellness Counsellor Send message

Howard Owen

Mental Wellness CounsellorSend message

Howard Meshake

Crisis Response CoordinatorSend message

Ashley Mclean

Social Emergency Facilitator Send message

Payahtakenemowin News

World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference

Published: 08/13/2021