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Shibogama First Nations Council

81 King St., P.O. Box 449
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1A5

Phone: 807-737-2662

Fax: 807-737-1583

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Our Staff


Matthew Angees

Executive Director / Education Liaison OfficerExt. 2280Send message

Linda Kitchkeesick

Executive Assistant/Office ManagerExt. 2225Send message

Cathy Kiepek

Financial ControllerExt. 2254Send message

Patricia Mamakwa

Travel & Payables ClerkExt. 2232Send message

Ashley Mclean

Social Emergency ManagerSend message

Gordon Anderson

NAN Transition CoordinatorSend message

Esther Monias

ReceptionistExt. 2221Send message

Jeanette Monias

Program ClerkExt. 2233Send message

Community Nurses

Ola Udensi

RN Lead - Wunnumin LakeSend message

Virginia Childforever

RN - Wunnumin LakeSend message

Shannon Mamakwa

Home Care RPN - Kingfisher LakeSend message

Lucas de Faria

Home Care RPN - Kingfisher LakeSend message

Hilary Leversidge

Home Care RPN - WapekekaSend message

Katherine Riley

Home Care RPN - Wapekeka

Covid-19 Support

Garth Geddes

COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness CoordinatorSend message

Doretta Waswa

Sioux Lookout Off Reserve Covid-19 CoordinatorSend message

Agnes McGuire

Thunder Bay Off Reserve Covid-19 CoordinatorSend message



Cheryl Gervais

Acting Director of NursingExt. 2260Send message

Ola Udensi

RN Lead - Wunnumin LakeSend message

Howard Meshake

Payahtakenemowin Crisis CoordinatorExt. 2259Send message

Ashton Gervais

Administrative AssistantSend message


Clinical Supervisor / Community Mental Wellness Program

Language & Production

Nelson Makoop

Education Assistant/LanguageExt. 2257Send message

Klaus Rossler

Graphic Designer807-737-2117Send message

Robert Turtle

Print & Production Lead807-737-2117Send message

Mental Wellness Program

Norah Mooney

Art TherapistSend message

Carla Vinczeffy-Rose

Expressive Arts Physiotherapist Send message

Patient Navigator

Pearl Mamakwa

Patient NavigatorExt. 2269Send message


Irene Shakakeesic

SESS CoordinatorExt. 2223Send message

Samantha Mekanak

SESS WorkerExt. 2222Send message

Bruce Sainnawap

SESS WorkerSend message

Lesley Spence

SESS WorkerSend message

Allan Turtle

SESS Worker, SESSSend message

Darlene Clace

SESS Worker - Thunder Bay SiteSend message

Robin Cromarty

SESS Worker - Thunder Bay SiteSend message

Shib Crib

Mark Fontana

Program Coordinator Mental Wellness TeamSend message

Stephanie Kitchkeesick

Sioux North YMW CounsellorSend message

Nathan Mishibinijima

Land Based YMW CounsellorSend message

Jeff Bursery

Land Based Programming FacilitatorSend message

Eric Anderson

Land Base Program CoordinatorSend message

Daniel Trenholm

Youth Wellbeing WorkerSend message

Destiny Pryzner

Youth Outreach CoordinatorSend message


YMWB Activity Worker

Technical Advisory and Advocacy Services

Nelson Makoop

Education Assistant/LanguageExt. 2257Send message

Carmen Harper Brown

Transition CoordinatorExt. 2257Send message

Grant Stevens

Teachers CoachExt. 2257Send message

Sharon Defoort

Epp WorkerSend message

Technical Services

Luke McKay

Technical Services DirectorExt. 2220Send message

Laura Sayers

Project Manager / Environmental AdvisorExt. 2252Send message

Richard Waite

Technical AdvisorExt. 2230Send message

Bill Moore

Overall Responsible Operator - Water/Wastewater AdvisorExt. 2234Send message

Andrew Culham

Housing & Building TechnicianExt. 2255Send message

Steve Kurmey

Education Facility O&M Advisorext. 2235Send message

Vivian Waswa

Project Assistant/Climate Change AdvisorExt. 2231Send message

Jamie Maki

Emergency Services Coordinatorext. 2238Send message


Environment Coordinator