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The Shibogama Health Department's primary function is to deliver health programs on behalf of the Shibogama Health Council, and to assist with community development that will see the First Nations assume and administer health related projects that are currently the responsibility of the Shibogama Health Authority. Each community has now taken control of their own nursing programs and nursing travel arrangements, while Shibogama Health Authority is available to them for consultation and advisory services, as well as providing assistance with recruitment.

The Health Director supervises the Shibogama Health Authority (SHA) staff, administers the various health projects and works with the community Health Directors on health transfer activities. The Health Director represents SHA and Shibogama First Nations Council communities on key local and PTO level committees, and provides for an active liaison with other local first Nation health organizations. The Director takes a leadership role on pending health care issues.

Health Departments

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Health Staff

Rachel Gessie

Health DirectorSend message

Lorena Legary

Nursing Program ManagerExt. 2260Send message

Nathan Mishibinijima

Land Based Program LeadSend message

Stephanie Kitchkeesick

Community Liaison Case ManagerSend message


Nursing Director Administrative Assistant


Social Emergency Manager


Social Emergency Manager

Howard Meshake

Crisis Response CoordinatorSend message


Clinical Supervisor / Community Mental Wellness Program

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