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The Current Membership of Shibogama First Nation Council includes Kasabonika Lake First Nation, Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Wunnumin Lake First Nation, Wapekeka First Nation and Wawakapewin First Nation.

The Current Membership of SFNC

  1. Kasabonika Lake First Nation
  2. Kingfisher Lake First Nation
  3. Wunnumin Lake First Nation
  4. Wapekeka First Nation
  5. Wawakapewin First Nation

Currently elected Chiefs are:

  1. Chief Tom Semple of Kasabonika Lake First Nation
  2. Chief Eddie Mamakwa of Kingfisher Lake First Nation
  3. Chief Sam Mamakwa of Wunnumin Lake First Nation
  4. Chief Brennan Sainnawap of Wapekeka First Nation
  5. Chief Anne Marie Beardy of Wawakapewin First Nation


Objects of Incorporation

Procedural Systems

Elder's Proclamation

Administration Staff

Matthew Angees

Executive Director / Education Liaison OfficerExt. 2280Send message

Cathy Kiepek

Financial ControllerExt. 2254Send message

Esther Monias

ReceptionistExt. 2221Send message

Jeanette Monias

Program ClerkExt. 2233Send message

Linda Kitchkeesick

Executive Assistant/Office ManagerExt. 2225Send message

Patricia Mamakwa

Travel & Payables ClerkExt. 2232Send message

Administration News

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