Project Management

Shibogama Technical Services provides project management and oversight for a variety of project specific activities. We assist in managing project goals, scope, planning and executing - all essential for a project to be successful. Project management may include several different activities, such as:

  • Analysis and Design of Objectives and Events
  • Planning the Work according to the Objectives
  • Assessing and Controlling Risk
  • Estimating Resources
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Organizing the Work
  • Acquiring Human and Material Resources
  • Assigning Task
  • Directing Activities
  • Controlling Project Execution
  • Tracking / Reporting Progress
  • Quality and Issues Management
  • Identifying, Managing and Controlling Change
  • Project Closure

Our Staff works on specific projects such as Water Treatment Plants, Small Business Centres, Hotels, etc., but we are also involved in work with other Tribal Councils and Teams to realize regional initiatives, such as the Jeremiah McKay Kahpaychewikamik (Hostel) or the Wataynikaneyap Power Project.