Procedural Systems

The operation of procedural systems in this organization is quite simple and flexible. The Chiefs wanted something in place which would be easily responsive to their wishes and the needs of the communities they represent.

In this system the Chairman, as noted in the general terms of reference, works with the Chiefs in developing policy direction for the Tribal Council. He meets with and negotiates with various levels of government on behalf of the Chiefs on a variety of issues, such as economic and resource development initiatives affecting the tribal lands, social development concerns, First Nations government affairs, etc. The Chairman currently works out of the Shibogama First Nations Council Sub-office located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The Chiefs and their people are consulted on whatever issues and developments the Tribal Council may be involved in to ensure the First Nations' best interests are protected at all times.

The Executive Director gives direction to the program managers regarding implementation of policy decisions. The Executive Director also manages the day-to-day operations of the Shibogama First Nations Council offices located in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

The Director of Administration & Finance is charged with the efficient maintenance of resources and systems of the administrative structure in place. In this regard the Director of Administration & Finance position is assisted by the Board & Committee system set up by the Chiefs. This system acts as a check on the performance of the Director of Administration & Finance, ensuring that he/she fulfills their mandate while not over-stepping that mandate.

The procedure for delivery of advisory and program services to the member communities begins with a request by the Chiefs for the services. The executive will not take it upon themselves to provide services or assistance without the express request by the Chief.