Shibogama Emergency Management Conference

Published: 01/06/2023

Shibogama First Nation Council will be hosting Emergency Management Conference for member communities at Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay. Five members from each community are invited to attend, it could be anyone who responds to emergencies such as leadership, management, health, crisis response teams, elders and youth.

Day 1: Critical Incident Group Debriefing training

Day 2: Discussion that will focus on how your community has responded to emergencies in the past

Day 3 (half day): Review and Discuss

Day 2 and 3 will be facilitated by Ojibway Cultural teacher/comedian, Ron Kanutski; Graphic Recorder, Pam Hubbard will be present to capture the discussions in visual imaages.

For more info, email Ashley Mclean at and for registration, see this link: