Teacher Recruitment

Shibogama First Nations Council’s Education Department supports each community with teacher recruitment and screening of educators that work in our community schools. It is very important that a clear, concise selection of professionals is always maintained. Evidence for individual differences in the developmental trajectory of teachers is persuasive with both cognitive attributes (e.g., academic ability, subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge) and non-cognitive attributes (e.g., interpersonal skills, personality, and motivation) hypothesized to contribute to these differences. These factors will help our students improve and achieve levels of academic goals and successes.

It is also the intent of this organization to ensure that quality and engaging teachers are selected and hired for each school. The educators need to be qualified to the level of grade, organization and honesty.

As it is very critical that working with our communities to improve teacher quality and retention, we offer competitive salaries and incentives from each community school. We apply through “Education Canada”, and “Apply to Education” for teachers and administrators.

In education, we provide services in the following:

  • Professional Development
  • Training
  • In-classroom Support
  • Language Program

Shibogama First Nation Council’s Education Department works with the schools and educators of member communities to ensure oral language fluency is supported and rejuvenated.

Teacher Recruitment News

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