Special Projects – NAN / Shib Regional 5 Year Diabetes Strategy


The creation of the Shibogama Regional Diabetes Strategy begun in late 2018 with the collection of Diabetes Data provided by the communities (Wapekeka, kingfisher Lake,Wunnumin Lake, Wawakapewin and Kasabonika Lake) as well as data collected from Statistics Canada. The Strategy of execution and 5-year plan was written March 2019 and continues to grow based in community priorities. It is necessary that the plan focus upon the Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Strategy (OADS) categories of focus which includes Prevention, Education, Care and Treatment, Research and Coordination.

The creation of this strategy is based on the foundation of NAN’s Health Transformation’s recommendations that a system-wide change would assure that First Nations have equal access to quality care delivered within their community. The system includes holistic models of care focusing on wellness planning, population health and the determinants of health. It is a priority that health care providers within and outside of community have the necessary training to provide culturally safe and responsive care.

Health Transformation is meant to enhance the system to provide holistic well-being. It is stated that the way to carry-out Health Transformation is through the Charter of Relationship Principles Governing Health System Transformation in the NAN territory signed in 2017 by Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler and Federal and Ontario Ministers. The process is patient and community centered, focussing on urgent health needs, prioritizing the creation of newcare models for NAN territories that will promote sustainable funding for these new models.

The major priority is the epidemic of Diabetes occurrence in Northern Ontario. Through the collaboration of information and of needs expressed by many communities within and outside Shibogama territory, the Shibogama Regional Diabetes Strategy was renamed the Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative. The Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative will be housed in a website so that the communities can access all of the knowledge collected from the communities and from research priorities of the OADS category of education and prevention.

The standalone Diabetes website will include these categories:

  • Education for Diabetes workers an youth
  • Curriculum to teach communities (focus on youth) traditional medicines and physical activity
  • Self-care manual (plant medicine and exercises for rest and recovery)
  • The reality of late-stage Diabetes outcomes

Shibogama Health secured a professional consultant to lead, research and develop the Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative. She has been instrumental in working with the communities to start formalizing the foundation of the Diabetes Initiative. Consultant has visited all the communities and now they are creating the Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative Website.

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Special Projects – NAN / Shib Regional 5 Year Diabetes Strategy News

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