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The Shibogama Youth: Determining your Pathway to Success

This is a 6-year program that started on July 1, 2020 and is planned to go to June 30 2026. The goal of this project is to empower the Youth themselves to make change as well as influence the policy and processes that determine their access to education.

The primary objectives are as follows : We are to work with the Youth to create an authentic , meaningful, and consistent platform for youth engagement. We want to create mechanisms where they can learn to be leaders and direct the changes needed in all aspects of their lives. With input from the communities Youth, the Youth Council will take the lead in with support and guidance from Destiny destinyp@shib.ca and myself Mark at markf@shib.ca. The Shibogama Youth Wellbeing team is also available for assistance if needed. Addressing Student safety while attending High School will be a top priority. Connecting the Shibogama Youth Council with the Student Council and bringing them into the coalition is the plan. Over the next few years, we expect the Youth to be involved in meetings with school administrators to discuss protocol development and at the end of the project we could put a formal request for Youth representation at provincial meetings.

I would like to introduce the Shibogama Youth Council that we presently have

Shawnda Mamakwa (Kingfisher Lake) shawndamamakwa@gmail.com

Austin Winter (Kingfisher Lake) austinwinter219@gmail.com

Kevin Winter (Kingfisher Lake) kwinter212@gmail.com

Amelia Brown (Kasabonika) ameliabrown210@gmail.com

Sharilyn Brown (Kasabonika) sharilynbrown210@gmail.com

Kristen Anderson (Kasabonika) anderson.kristen98@gmail.com

Christopher Martin (Wunnumin) joomitch122@gmail.com

Precious Cutfeet (Wapekeka) pcutfeet@gmail.com

Through the development of the Shibogama Youth Council and us, as allies we can expand on what has been developed over the last number of years to represent all the communities.

The Youth will be able to make recommendations to inform the education and social services systems of the changes they feel are necessary. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and by showing them respect and support we can address many of the issues faced today.

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