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Shibogama Tribal Council / Education is proud to introduce the opening of our very own production and resource development department located at 34D Front Street. It is part of Education with the goal of developing materials and resources for our language teachers, and students to learn the language with values, goals, and beliefs in both teachings and spoken fluency.

Together we shall build on the foundations of culture and traditions, geared towards language preservation, acquisition and retention. The very core of our cultures depends on the fluency of language in us, to be able to understand the knowledge and wisdom of our people.

Together we shall sustain the language through media and written form, even in the form of art, which we learn as much visually and in spoken language.

With critical resources and development needed to enhance and further language acquisition in all our communities, we have setup the production and development as the critical area of support for our educators, communities and programs that can access materials as required.

Together we shall provide in ideas, teachings and language to sustain and retain the spoken language for generations of our young people and children.

Language & Production Staff

Nelson Makoop

Education Assistant/LanguageExt. 2257Send message

Klaus Rossler

Graphic Designer807-737-2117Send message

Robert Turtle

Print & Production Lead807-737-2117Send message

Language & Production News

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