ᒪᓯᓇᔦᑫᐃᐧᐣ ᓇᓇᑲᒋᒋᑫᐃᐧᐣ

The Current Membership of Shibogama First Nation Council includes Kasabonika Lake First Nation, Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Wapekeka First Nation, Wawakapewin First Nation, and Wunnumin Lake First Nation.

Covid-19 Support


Shibogama First Nation Council's Education Department works with the schools and educators of member communities to ensure oral language fluency is supported and rejuvenated.


Striving for Excellence in Health Care for our First Nation Communities

Ontario Trillium Foundation - Determining Our Pathways To Success

This project empowers the Youth themselves to make changes as well as to influence the policies and processes that determine their access to education. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and by showing them respect and support we can address many of the issues face today.


The Payahtakenemowin Wellness Program has been designated responsibility over mental wellness service coordination in partnership with the Shibogama communities. This includes services delivered at the community level, crisis response coordination, and services for youth who are in Sioux Lookout attending secondary school and/or receiving specialized services.

Shibogama Education Student Support

Special Projects – NAN / Shib Regional 5 Year Diabetes Strategy

In conjunction with NAN’s Health Transformation the main priority here is the epidemic of Diabetes occurrence in Northern Ontario. Through the collaboration of information and the needs of communities within and outside Shibogama territory, the Shibogama Regional Diabetes Strategy was renamed the Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative. This Initiative will be housed in a website so that the communities can access all of the knowledge collected from the communities and from research priorities of the OADS category of education and prevention.

Special Projects – NAN Health Transformation

The Health Transformation Process was started by Nishnawbe Aski Nation on March 31, 2016. It asserted the rights to develop a First Nations health system with full access to high quality care within our communities. The community participation model was developed from the feedback from Chiefs, Health Directors, Youth and Elders. Communities will identify their own priorities and will identify what supports they would like to see in moving forward.

ᐊᐧᑲᐦᐃᑫᐃᐧᐣ / ᓂᐦᐱ / ᒥᑲᓇᑫᐃᐧᐣ ᐱᒧᒋᑫᐃᐧᓇᐣ
Technical Services

Shibogama Technical Services (STS) been an integral part of Shibogama since its formation in 1984 and is one of four departments. We have built a solid reputation with each of the Shibogama associated community members as well as other First Nation communities in the district.