Technical Advisory and Advocacy Services

Carmen Brown Harper

Position: Transition Coordinator
Contact: Mobile – (807) 738-5789

The transition coordinator is responsible for developing and coordinating a transition program to provide practical information and guidelines to support systematic transition planning for teachers, parents/guardians and other stakeholders involved in assisting students through the transition from the elementary schools in the community to high school. This includes:

  1. Developing policies and procedures for the transition program;
  2. Ensuring that a transition program is implemented in each elementary school;
  3. Coordinating the transition process between the schools, the students, the parents, and the LEA;
  4. Supervising the implementation and evaluation of the various components of the program including the “My Good Life” lesson package;
  5. Ensuring that a transition plan is developed for each grade 8 student. This plan should profile their strengths, interests, needs, and talents;
  6. Liaising between schools in the northern communities and public schools; and
  7. Working with the schools to institute a comprehensive literacy program.

Sharon Defoort

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Grant Stephens

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