Regional Education Agreement (REA)

What is REA (Regional Education Agreement)?

REA is the basis for a new funding formula and a way to give more control to our Nations over the delivery of community education. First Nations have worked for years to gain control of their own education. This is a step towards that.

The REA is especially helpful for small communities with few students. It gives them a way to cooperate in the delivery of second level services. Second level services can be developed and delivered by a central education organization like Shibogama Education. Here are some samples of what can be done when the communities work together:

  • Special Education Services
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Language and Culture Materials and Services
  • Technical expertise in computer assisted learning
  • Central purchasing (saves money for all)
  • Human Resources (hiring and training staff)
  • Mental Wellness for students.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Coaches

The list could be longer but what is included for each school/nation will be negotiated under the REA.

This kind of cooperation will give our schools the chance to work with experts in the agreed-upon areas. It is very difficult and expensive to find people who are qualified. If they are shared, this will be possible, and we can progress together.

Shibogama First Nations Council is working with the member communities to implement such an Agreement. We will be able to visit soon to share more information with you. Call if you wish to find out more.

To see the official position on this, please click the link below:

Regional Education Agreement (REA) News

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