Our Program

The concept and term "second level services" was developed by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. A "Second Level Services" program was created by the Chiefs of Shibogama First Nations Council during the pre-transfer phase (1987) of schools from Indian Affairs to local control by First Nations.

Shibogama FNC building in Sioux Lookout
Shibogama First Nations Council,
81 King St., Sioux Lookout ON

In 1987, the second level services program created by the Chiefs was called "Shibogama Education Authority." At the time, the function and role of the Shibogama Education Authority was supervisory. The Authority was responsible for supervising teachers and conducting performance appraisals. As the result of an Organizational Review (or evaluation) in May of 1996, the mandate and focus of the Shibogama Education Authority was changed. The name of the program became "Shibogama Education." The mandate changed from supervisory to support and assistance. Shibogama Education fully supports the local Education Director and local education authority in developing and delivering their education program and system.

Shibogama Education is NOT the supervisor of the local Education Director or education authority. That is the function of Chief and Council.

Shibogama Education is governed by a Board composed of the Education Directors.

Shibogama Education has its office in Sioux Lookout and is housed in the Shibogama First Nations Tribal Council building; it is a program of Shibogama First Nations Tribal Council.