Kasabonika Lake Open House on New Sewage Lagoon

On Tuesday, July 28th an Open House was held are the Arena in Kasabonika Lake to discuss the Sewage Lagoon Project.  This is a two year project and is expected to be complete and operational by fall of 2016.  This project includes the construction of a new 15.0 ha, three-cell, seasonal retention facultative lagoon sized to handle the community projected 20 year design flow.  It is located on the mainland, approximately 2.0 km south of the island.  Following commissioning of the new lagoon, the existing RBC treatment system will be deactived.  The decommissioning and remediation of the old system will be undertaken as a separate project.  This projectalso includes construction of a sanitary forcemain, and new lagoon access road (approx. 2.67 km). 

The majority of the communities questions were around the treatment process and the forcemain (pipe) being anchored to the lake floor.  It was a well attended and informative session.  Should anyone have any additional questions, please contact Donna at Shibogama.