MACC Project Training

MACC delivered training for community-based health and resource workers in 2013 and 2014.  The goal was to provide community health workers with training to increase the skills, knowledge and abilities of health workers to better support women who use or may have used substances during pregnancy and their families.


  • Family Healing Program Orientation Training 
  • Chiefs of Ontario Health Forum “Our Health, Our Future” 
  • Counselling Skills (Counselling, self-care, grief, suicide, addictions, and withdrawal)
  • Counselling Women with Addictions


  • Introduction to Case Management 
  • Cross Cultural Care 
  • “Supporting Families with Substance Use Issues” (Understanding Addictions;  Patient Journey:  A mother’s experience; Reducing Stigma and Establishing Rapport; Best Practices for Engaging Pregnant Women Who May Use or Have Used Substances During Pregnancy; PDA 101; Strategizing for Early Intervention;  Family Intervention; and Supporting Caregivers and Parents)
  • “Community Based Withdrawal and Relapse Prevention”  
  • Self-Care  
  • Introduction to Case Management 
  • Adapted MYPATH Curriculum (Community Counselling and Addictions Services)
  • Mental Health Skills
  • Community Connections Forum

Attached are training evaluations and a list of training that provides more details on the topics.


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