Online Resources for Pregnant Women, New Mothers, and Community Workers

MACC has produced two catalogues of First Nations appropriate information: one for pregnant women and new mothers and one for northern community workers who provide services to them. (To read or print these catalogues, click on the "Read More" button in this section and scroll to the bottom to find attached documents.) 

Most of these resources have been created by Ontario’s Best Start Resource Centre and were previously not being used by northern women and community workers.

Prenatal/New Mother Booklet includes general information (website links, helplines, cell phone apps) on pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding and on opioid, alcohol, substance use during pregnancy.

Community Worker Booklet includes links to training courses, manuals, guidebooks, electronic bulletins and online networks First Nation community workers can subscribe to.

All resources are available on this website for downloading and will be kept up-to-date after the MACC project ends. If you would like to send information to be included in updated versions of these booklets, please send an e-mail to and indicate which resource you are referring to in the subject line.



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