COVID-19 Updates

Update - July 27, 2020
Please see files regarding letter from FNIHB to the Chiefs and Councils regarding Emergency and Urgent Dental Services

Update - July 14 2020

Please see files for updates on Airport Screening and Medical Drivers. 

Update - July 8 2020

The Indigenous Services Canada Community Guide for accessing additional public health funding for COVID-19 responses is now available here

Update - May 11, 2020

May 6, 2020, 4:15PM

This page will be updated regularly to share updates and attachments with the communities. 

UPDATE - MAY 6 2020

Here are some additional resources:
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  • Info page from Ontario Native Welfare Administrators Association
  • Outlines Social assistance resources available to First Nations citizens

UPDATE - APRIL 15 2020

Ian Monteith A/ Head, Regulatory Compliance with the Remote Northern Transportation Office of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

In the effort to keep out COVID-19, the MTO is performing an additional enhanced cleaning of the Kingfisher Lake (9:50 am), Wunnumin Lake (11:10 am) and Kasabonika Lake (8:25 am) airport terminal on April 16, 2020.

This activity will require an industrial contractor who specializes this work (with the necessary PPE) to charter into the airport to do this work in the terminal building. This contractor will be using a fogging technique to reach any areas that may have been missed during the cleaning that is currently occurring and has been effective thus far. The fogging technique is a very efficient way to complete the enhanced deep cleaning, however it requires extra PPE because the cleaning chemicals are fogged in the air, instead of applied by hand. Expect to see full coveralls, respirators, and goggles required for the fogging technique.

The purpose of this additional cleaning is to give an extra deep clean to occur every 2 weeks, to supplement the enhanced cleaning already underway.

RNTO has a procurement policy which charters are booked based on competitive pricing. The current round has been awarded to North Star Air. Subsequent rounds every two weeks will go through the same competitive bidding process. MTO cannot restrict operations to just one air carrier, however the competitive process is open to all, is safe, and is fair.

The contractors and charter pilots will not leave the airport grounds at any time.

Airport staff will have an opportunity to observe and discuss effective cleaning with the contractors, while keeping appropriate physical distancing (2m apart from any person).

Please feel free to contact Ian Monteith at 807-633-1478 if needed. 

OFFICIAL NOTICE Closure of Shibogama Communities / KI Community Winter Road Shibogama Chiefs and KI Chief held its conference call on Wednesday March 25, 2020 to discuss the increasing safety concerns on the access and utilization of the winter road access as it pertains to the spread of COVID-19 virus. For your information, the original plan to close the winter road was March 31, 2020 according to the Winter Road Project Team. Due to rapid progression and increasing safety concerns of the COVID-19 virus and the need to be proactive to curve and delay the epidemic, the Shibogama Chiefs and KI Chief made a collective decision to close the winter road effective on the date of Saturday March 28, 2020 at midnight. The community leadership is responsible to inform its membership, local businesses and sub-contractors of this announcement immediately and to monitor the implementation of the winter road closure. The collective decision is made to ensure the safety and well being of the community members that is a priority of the leadership. If there are any further questions, please contact our office. Matthew Angees, Executive Director Shibogama First Nations Council Tel: (807)737-2662 ext. 2280 Fax: (807)737-1583 Cell: (807)738-2265 Email:

INTERNAL MEMO To: Shibogama First Nations Council Staff From: Executive Director Matthew Angees Date: March 20, 2020. Re: Changing the Location of Where We Work March 23 to April 3, 2020 (inclusive) Due to the rapid progression of COVID-19 pandemic and the need be proactive to curve the epidemic and to ensure the safety and well being of the staff, Shibogama First Nations Council management made a collective decision to implement course of action. The Shibogama First Nations Council office sites will be closed for two weeks to help contain the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus. All employees are expected to be available by phone or email during regular workday hours for the duration specified. Department leads will co-ordinate with their staff regarding working from home as well as scheduled teleconferences for consultations and updates. Department Heads are: Administration - Human Resource Officer Linda Kitchkeesick Education – Language Coordinator Nelson Makoop Health & Mental Health Wellness – Garth Geddes Technical Services – Luke McKay. Executive Director will have weekly contact with the senior managers and department heads to get updates and directions to ensure support and assistance is provided to the communities. Incoming calls to the office will be re-routed to a cell phone that Receptionist Esther Monias will answer from her home. The Senior Managers and Department Leads will meet by tele-conference calls, and the department leads will contact the appropriate staff in the event Shibogama needs to react to requests from the communities. We will need to be prepared to react to the situations especially to the crisis situations if needed.



   Please be advised that SFNC will immediately implement travel restrictions for our organization as follows:

  • No travel to meetings and conferences or other gatherings
  • No hosting of meetings  or other gatherings
  • No  travel to and from communities-except in extenuating cicumstances with special authorization from senior management for essential services thatt may need to be provided in emergency situations.

    " the travel restriction will stay in effect until March 31, 2020 when it will be re-assessed"

Signed:  Matthew Angees, CEO


To all staff,

Due to the recent upgrade of the Coronavirus as being declared a pandemic, the Chief and Council is implementing a travel restriction to all the staff under Kingfisher Lake First Nation. All business related and non-essential travel will be suspended until March 31, at which time the restriction will be reviewed. This restriction will also be in effect for any professionals/contractors that may be coming in unless it is an emergency or in extenuating circumstances. These measures are in place for the health and safety of our community members. We must make every effort to minimize the spread of the COVID 19 (Coronavirus). 

Personal travel is strongly discouraged for all staff and community members/visitors. Please restrict travel to emergency matters at this time. 

Chief Eddie Mamakwa



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