Requirements of Boarding Home Parents

It is important for all boarding home parents and their family members to understand that SESS needs their utmost attention and efforts to treat and view our students as your own children.

We need to work together to better orientate the students to the school environment.

SESS encourages you as a boarding parent to support and assist the students by the following guidelines:

Curriculum Information

The first language of the people is Anishininiimowin (also referred to as "Oji-Cree"). The communities want to maintain their language, culture and values. They also want their children to acquire and learn English as a second language and to understand and appreciate other cultures.

In order to fulfill these expectations, a bilingual/bicultural program entitled "LANGUAGES TOGETHER" has been developed.

Teaching Positions

Education and Experience

Successful candidates must be in good standing (or in the process of obtaining membership) with the Ontario College of Teachers. Additional qualifications and/or experience in E.S.L., Special Education, Computers in the Classroom, Cooperative Learning and/or Native Studies and previous teaching experience in a northern First Nation setting are an asset but not a requirement. Teachers of First Nation ancestry are encouraged to apply.

Our Program

The concept and term "second level services" was developed by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. A "Second Level Services" program was created by the Chiefs of Shibogama First Nations Council during the pre-transfer phase (1987) of schools from Indian Affairs to local control by First Nations.


Challenge your knowledge and skills...

by implementing a student centered bilingual/bicultural curriculum that blends provincial requirements with the language, culture, traditions and values of the First Nation communities.

Challenge your ideas...

about your profession and experience the positive challenges that will evolve in working with First Nations people.

Challenge your heart...

and immerse yourself in the beauty of the land while sharing the everyday lives and traditions of its people.

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